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Amharic is an Afro-Asiatic language of the Semitic branch. It is spoken as a mother tongue by the Amhara, province located in North Ethiopia. The language serves as the official working language of Ethiopia, and is also the official or working language of several of the states within the federal system. It is the second-most widely spoken Semitic language in the world after Arabic.
Amharic is spoken by about 22 million native speakers in Ethiopia. Additionally, 3 million emigrant outside of Ethiopia speak the language, including countries such as Eritrea (????), Canada, the USA and Sweden. Most of the Ethiopian Jewish communities in Ethiopia and Israel speak Amharic.
Amharic is considered as a holy language by the Rastafari (?? ???) religion and it is widely used among its followers worldwide. It is the most widely spoken language in the Horn of Africa.
It is written (left-to-right) using Amharic Fidel, ???, which grew out of the Ge’ez abugida, called in Ethiopian Semitic languages.
This trilingual application (Amharic – French- English) is probably the first of its kind in the world. It combines image, sound and writing, and facilitates learning the language from the most basic level.
This first version is composed of 12 chapters carefully organized, and other chapters will certainly follow thereafter.
We recommend you to patiently browse through the application while focusing on the three above-mentioned aspects, namely writing, pronunciation and images.
The application is split into three main parts:
– Learning mode: Here you can quietly learn the lessons.
– Quiz mode for assessing your understanding and
– Dictionary mode for a quick search of the terms included in the database.
The Setting option allows you to change the background of the application, or to choose the sequential mode. Sequential mode allows you to browse the terms exactly as they are in the database. This mode is particularly useful when learning numbers.
-In The dictionary mode, you can search for a word in English, French, or Amharic language. You can also use the clafrica code to search using the General alphabet of African Language based on International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA). You can find this code on
Tip 1: Stop the music before the beginning of learning mode.
Tip 2: If application crash, as is the case with some Samsung phone, please quit the application and re-open it
N.B. We intend to develop this application for every minority language in the world. So if you are ready to contribute, please send us a mail.
N.B. 2. For low resolution phones like Techno y4 for example, parts of the application, such as quiz, will not work well.
If you like the project, please support us so we can easily develop future applications.
This application could not have been made without the help of Ms. Haymanot Alalo from Ethiopia. Thanks a million, my dear lovely friend.

Download the application on Google play with the following link:

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