Welcome to the exciting world of African languages! Languages are not just a means of communication; they are a fundamental part of human culture and identity. In Africa, there are over 2,000 spoken languages, each with its own unique history, culture, and worldview. Unfortunately, many of these languages are under-resourced and under-researched, with little documentation or preservation of their rich linguistic and cultural heritage.

RESULAM and Black Heritage for the future

Throughout the years, there are several events celebrating the Black culture and history in the United-Staes of America and the rest of the world.

RESULAM, Resurrection of ancestral African languages, poses a critical question which is to know how to really promote, maintain, spread that history through ages.

This year RESULAM is looking at making a big jump ahead in providing more educational material to allow everybody to learn African languages in a fun way. As we know, spoken language is one of the most important vehicles to share the culture.

Created in 2005 by Schk Tchamna and  Schk…  RESULAM has developed over the past year multiple apps, dictionaries and produced story books, cartoons and more with a strong team of volunteers and contributors.

This is a call for action by RESULAM to be part of this amazing journey through financial support and more. Your donation will be used to fund our projects and operational needs.

Current Projects :

  • Linguistic reseach – Historical investigation, Technical studies, surveys
  • Language Learning materiels developement – Audible, books, Cartoons, videos, apps development (web, mobile
  • Educational and learning programs
  • Classes and one on one online teaching of basics : reading, writing, conversation, comprehension
  • Cultural transmission through story tales and fables.

Future Projects :

Comparative studies of different traditional languages and development of linguistic groups resources – New project

  • Educational and learning programs
  • courses on linguistics, ethnology, Sociology)
  • Operational needs:
  • Hire a coordinator
  • Provide stipends to :
    • authors to write books for African ancestral languages.
    • teachers who teach African ancestral languages.
    • volunteers to develop video lessons content for African ancestral languages.
    • video editors to make and publish videos for learning African languages.
  • Support RESULAM attending various forums to promote African languages and heritage.

–      Purchase laptops and or hardware including voice recorders and microphones.

–      Purchase and software licence

–      Develop and maintain web and phone apps

–      Provide administrative and logistic costs and fees.

Exemple : If 1000 persons were to donate only $2/month (price of a coffee) to RESULAM, this would make $24 000 in a year and this would allow RESULAM 

  • Print more books that are currently available
  •  Edit the books in other African languages that are currently supported
  • Develop more activities

Our first and foremost goal is to make sure that donations are used to make an immediate and real difference in our community.


If you do not have a Facebook account, you can always go to the RESULAM website and click on the Donate button.

As a 501c3 organization, RESULAM will provide a tax receipt by email for any amount of $20 or more

Note: Contributions  to RESULAM are tax deductible to the extent permitted by USA laws

How to donate?

Direct Donation Options from Resulam website.

Go to the RESULAM website and click on the Donate button.

Other Options

If you don’t want to give directly to us, you can still support us in other ways:

  •  Purchasing Resulam Books is an indirect way to support us, by getting something in return! Check out our store for Resulam branded Book. We are regularly adding new products so check back often. When you purchase a Resulam book from Resulam, at say $20, if the book has two (2) human authors, then the book has three (3) total authors, including Resulam as the Editor. Usually, Tthe benefit generated by the $20 book is $6 on average, out of which one third (1/3), i.e. $2 goes to Resulam, and $2 goes to each individual author.
  •  Becoming a volunteer. Becoming a volunteer is also a great way to contribute to the organization. You can volunteer in many ways:
  • By becoming a teacher,
  • By bringing your contributions as a web or app developer,
  • By becoming and administrator, a fundraiser
  • By becoming an ancestral languages evangelizer
  • By advocating for Resulam
  •  By organizing events for the organization

Donor Recognition

Everyone who donates $50 USD (or €50) or more may be recognized as an official Resulam donor in the forums. We also have a wall of our most recent donors. We update donations manually, so it may take longer for those to show up.

Recognition for Recurring Donations

Recurring Donations in small chunks is a very effective way to support the organization in the long run, because it can help the organization plan its activities in a better way. Recurring donors will be considered de facto as members of Resulam. Donators can set up an automatic renewal every month and can cancel the subscription anytime without any notice.


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