What is Resulam?

Resulam, resurrection of ancestral mother tongues is a non-profit association made up of volunteers working for the revitalization of ancestral mother tongues

How to have access to your applications to learn African languages?

On your Android phone, search for “Resulam”, or go to this address:

How can we support you?

Resulam needs your support to develop African languages: production of cartoons, audio tapes for books, applications for phones and web, videos for YouTube, etc… If you can contribute financially, do not hesitate to do via our official Paypal account:

What projects have you already completed?

– Apps for Android phone:
– Videos on YouTube:
– Books on Amazon:
– Cartoons in African languages
– Classes on Zoom and WhatsApp
– Etc.

Do you have other ongoing projects?

The current production rate of Resulam does not reach one thousandth of what remains to be produced. We plan to:
– Produce even more cartoons
– develop artificial intelligence algorithms and models to automate our languages via voice recognition and automatic transcription applications: speech to text, and text to speech
– develop autonomous learning modules via e-learning
– develop several web applications for the autonomous learning of our languages
– and many other projects

Why don't you develop apps for iPhone and iOS?

We would like to, but we don’t have the necessary means not only to produce, but also to host

It seems that the Fe'efe'e language (nùfī) is the preferred language of Resulam?

This is a good observation. It is quite simply because there is a man who agreed to sacrifice his life by doing everything to be able to carry out these works. And nature wanted the fè’éfě’è language to be her mother tongue.
We take this opportunity to ask you to join the Resulam team to enjoy the fruits of decades of work and achieve it in your language in less time.

Do you offer face-to-face lessons?

We offer “face-to-face” courses on platforms like Zoom. Contact Resulam ( to register

How to register for the fè’éfě’ènùfī (Bafang) language course on Zoom?

Registration form for the fè’éfě’è language course: (Beginner) and (Intermediate)

I pre-registered for the Bamileke fè’éfě’è language courses on Zoom. What's next?

After pre-registration, please contact Resulam for the method of payment of fees (

I am already very old. Is it still possible to learn my ancestral mother tongue?

When we want to go to Germany, Spain, the United States, China, we learn these languages as adults. So this question is irrelevant.
In addition, the advantage of our ancestral mother tongues is that, most of the time, we only need about 500 words and expressions to have a functional level in the language. So all it takes is a little willpower.