About What we Do

Resulam, Resurrection des Langues maternelles, en images

Resulam, Resurrection of the Mother Tongues has as ultimate objective to put at the same pitch all the languages ​​of the world. Resulam has already developed a series of web and android applications for learning ancestral languages.

In order to adapt mother tongue learning to the evolution of new technologies, we have developed applications such as:

The Clafica keyboard (PC and web versions), which is an application to facilitate the writing of languages ​​using short codes for each special character.
Web and android applications for learning common expressions
Dictionaries in various languages.

If you are interested in what we do, and would like to contribute, please join Resulam team and bring us your contribution. Any donation is also welcome, that will surely motivate our team.

Our Philosophy
If you want to contribute to the evolution of the world, start by assuming that the limits of the world are the four walls of your room. When your room is tidy, move to the living room. If you are satisfied, water the flowers in your garden and clean your storefront. If all is satisfactory, extend the confines of your world to your village and then your region. After satisfaction, spread the ends of your world to your country.

If you are satisfied, unfold the boundaries of your world to the extent of the globe before heading to the exoplanets. In this way your contribution to the world will be more captivating, perceptible, remarkable and therefore glorious.

Rodrigue Tchamna

Ò mɑ̌ nkwé’ fʉ̀’, ǒ sì zí ī ! Fɑ̀’ mɑ́ mfɑ̀’ mō, fʉ̌’ ìnzí ō !
Do not aim for success if you want it, just do what you love with devotion, and the rest will come
David Frost

Scroll through the various menus of the site to discover the achievements of Resulam. Also browse the software section to download the various Application for learning Cameroonian languages ​​that will later be extended to all the minority languages ​​of the world.