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[:fr]22_histoireafrique1Which of the two French Presidents below is right?

“The drama of Africa is that African man has not entered history sufficiently. The African peasant, who for millennia lives with the seasons, whose ideal of life is to be in harmony with nature, facing only the eternal beginning of time, punctuated by the endless repetition of the same gestures and same words … ”

Nicolas Sarkozy

Unfortunately for him, his predecessor, Jacques Chirac, former President of the Republic of France, stressed that

“African man has entered history. He even entered the first. One can only have respect for them, the respect one should have for a common ancestor. ”

The answer in this application


Did you say you love Africa? Yes? And how can we love our Mother Africa if we do not even know her history?

Resulam offers this quiz about the history and knowledge of our dear and beautiful country/continent, Africa.

One can become patriotic via: sports, cinema, art, culture, but especially through the knowledge of the history of one’s country.

– Whether you are a teacher, student preparing exam, political actor, journalist, doctor, farmer, “Buy and sellam”, carrier, house builder, this quiz will help you understanding the history of your Mother Africa.
– This quiz will also help foreigner and tourists in Africa, to get an idea of the history of Mother Africa.

Note that the application is under construction, and may contain, some erroneous information. If you find these kind of questions, please let us know, with possible references to support your suggestions.

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May the Lord help Africa so that through Our History we can consolidate the African Unity so much desired by our ancestors.
The Resulam team
Aimons-nous notre continent l’Afrique ? Oui ? Et de quelle manière si nous ne connaissons même pas son histoire ?
Resulam vous offre ce quiz sur l’histoire et la connaissance de notre cher et beau pays/continent L’Afrique. On peut devenir patriote via : le sport, le cinéma, l’art, la culture, mais aussi et surtout par le truchement de la connaissance de l’histoire de son pays.

– Que vous soyez enseignant, étudiant, élève en classe d’examen, acteur politique, journaliste, médecin, paysan, “Buy and sellam”, colporteur, pousseur, maçon, ce quiz vous permettra de vous approprier de l’histoire de votre pays.
– Ce quiz permettra aussi aux étrangers et touristes du Cameroun, d’avoir une idée de l’histoire du Cameroun.

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Que le Seigneur Vienne en aide à l’Afrique afin qu’à travers Notre Histoire nous puissions consolider l’Unité Africaine tant désirée par nos Ancêtres.

L’équipe de Resulam.

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