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The loss of mother tongue



Our first language is a gift from our mother. It's not only a part of our culture but also a part of our spirit and mind. But when we arrive in another country for any reason the foreign language inevitably interferes with our first language and if it's not practised for years it may even be forgotten. Studying a foreign language in a foreign country might make us forget our language and we might end by not knowing well either the former or the latter.  For a professional translator, an immigrated one or not it's of utmost importance to have a good knowledge of his or her mother tongue. But due to this problem of interference of the foreign language in our mother tongue when living for years in a foreign country some translation agencies employ only translators who live in the country of the target language. But is this true that an immigrated translator is not so good at translation as the one living in the country of the target language (as soon as the most part of translators translate into their mother tongue)? Can we really forget our language? I know there are a lot of translators on this site who do not live in their countries of origin, what are the advantages in being an immigrated translator? What do you do in order not to forget your mother tongue? Or this problem is not relevent to you?


Please help.


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